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INO-BLOCK by Ino-Rope
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Terms and Conditions

Last update 16/12/2015.

Article 1: Scope of application

1.1 – These general terms and conditions of sale apply exclusively to contractual relationships between SABARRE Société par Actions Simplifiée (hereafter designated as SABARRE SAS or the seller), and any person (hereafter designated as “the purchaser or customer”) who places an order on the commercial website (hereafter designated as “the website”) at the following address: shop.ino-block.com.
1.2 –This website was edited by SABARRE SAS with a capital of 10,000.00 €, registered at the Registre du Commerce de Quimper (Quimper’s Trade Register) under number 801 118 415 with its headquarters domiciled at:
Address: 1, rue des Senneurs, 29900 CONCARNEAU, FRANCE
Telephone: +33(0)
E-mail: contact@inorope.com
1.3– These general terms and conditions of sale state all the parties’ obligations. In this sense, the purchaser is deemed to accept them unconditionally. Any order of one or more items present on the website implies the purchaser’s unconditional acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale and the prices applied.
1.4 – SABARRE SAS reserves the right to occasionally modify its general conditions. They are applicable as soon as they are online.
1.5 –Should a sales condition default, it shall be regulated by the usages in force/current practises in the field of distance selling by companies headquartered in France.
1.6– Any breach from SABARRE SAS to one of its obligations stated in these general conditions of sale shall in no event be interpreted by the purchaser as a renunciation to the general conditions of sale.
1.7 –These conditions only concern purchases by purchasers located in France and exclusively for the French territory. For any purchase by purchasers located outside of France and for any delivery outside of France, please write a message to contact@inorope.com.

Article 2: Information about the products

2.1 – Products for sale on the website are available while stocks last. Products subjected to promotional offers are available until the end of their validity. The presence of an item on the website does not guarantee its availability in stocks.
2.2 –Products are described and presented as accurately as possible. However, should errors or omissions occur in this presentation, SABARRE SAS cannot be held responsible. The photographs of products are not contractual.
2.3 – No product sold by SABARRE SAS is designed to lift people. Thus, SABARRE SAS shall not be held responsible in the event of an accident related to this type of use of the products it commercialises.

Article 3: Orders

3.1 – Orders must be placed on the website at the following address: shop.ino-block.com, from the online catalogue and via the available form.
3.2 – To approve the order, the purchaser must accept these general conditions by ticking the dedicated box.
3.3 – If the customer wants to purchase one or several items, he or she must select a model or its reference, define the quantity and click on “Add to cart”. The cart sums up the customer’s selection and lets him change his or her order. To approve chosen products, the customer must click on “Proceed to check out”.
Once this stage is finished, he or she must register, either via a customer code, or by registering his or her personal data in the appropriate area. He or she must then choose his or her method of payment, indicate the address and chosen means of delivery, accept the general conditions of sale by ticking the appropriate box, then click on “Order”. Consequently, an order number will be allocated. SABARRE SAS will keep the order record as a proof of the contractual relationship between both parties.
3.4 – Any order implies acceptance of prices and descriptions of products available for sale. The items offered for sale are subject to availability. In the event of an unavailable ordered product, the customer shall be informed by email. The cancellation of the product order and its potential reimbursement shall be undertaken; the rest of the order remains firm and final
3.5 – The order shall be approved only when the customer has settled the full payment. In certain cases, notably of non-payment, incorrect address or another problem relative to the purchaser’s account, SABARRE SAS reserves the right to block the purchaser’s order until the problem is solved.
3.6 – For any questions relative to order follow-up, the purchaser can consult the area dedicated to order follow-up on the website (section “My account”) or call +33(0)2.

Article 4: Prices

4.1 – Prices are indicated in euros. They do not include delivery charges, billed additionally, and indicated before the approval of the order. Prices take VAT into consideration applicable on the day of the order and any change of applicable VAT rate will automatically be passed on to the prices of products in the online shop. Full payment must be settled upon order. Sums paid shall never be considered as deposits or advance payments.
4.2 – SABARRE SAS reserves the right to change prices at any moment but commits to apply prices in force indicated at the time of the order, subject to availability at this date.
4.3 – If one or more taxes or contributions, notably environmental, should be created or modified, on the increase or on the decrease, this change could be passed on to products’ sale price.

Article 5: Payment

Payment is settled by credit or debit card (unless the server is unavailable).
The purchaser guarantees the seller that he disposes of the necessary authorisations to settle the purchase with the payment card used during the approval of the order form. The amount shall be debited only when approved.
The amount of purchases shall be paid in full and in a single time on the day of the order. Orders are approved and treated, after reception of payment, by the bank centres concerned. SABARRE SAS reserves the right to withhold any order management and delivery should the bank card payment be refused by the official accredited organisations, in case of an order emanating from a purchaser who has not paid in full or in part a previous order or with an ongoing payment dispute.
Payment by credit or debit card is secured via a SSL encryption system.
Consequently, SABARRE SAS cannot have access to the customer’s card number which transits confidentially. Only national bank cards are admitted by the securing system and Visa, Eurocard and Mastercard cards.

Article 6: Delivery

6.1 – Products’ delivery is only effective after the order’s full payment has been received.
For deliveries out of France, please refer to the checkout page or contact us at the following email address: contact@inorope.com.
6.2 – Unless a force majeure occurs or when the online shop is closed, periods which are clearly announced on the website home page, delivery times are, within available stocks, indicated hereafter. Delivery times start from the order recording date indicated on the order confirmation email.
6.3 – For deliveries in metropolitan France, average delivery time is of 3 working days from the day following that upon which the purchaser placed his or her order. It is only an approximate basis and does not constitute a firm commitment from us.
6.3 – Products shall be delivered to the address provided by the customer, when he placed his or her order. Consequently, the name and address given by the customer are considered as exact and shall not be SABARRE SAS’ responsibility, should a dispute arise. If the customer is not at home during delivery, the transporter shall leave a calling card at the indicated address enabling the purchaser to retrieve the parcel at a specified place and for a specified duration. Any parcel returned to the sender because of an incorrect or incomplete address shall be sent back with postal fees charged to the purchaser.
6.4 – A space, on the website is dedicated to your order follow-up. Please consult it regularly (section: “my account”) or call +33 (0) (local call charges).
6.5 – If upon delivery the original packaging is damaged, torn, or open, the purchaser must check the state of the items. If they have been damaged, the purchaser must imperatively refuse the parcel and note a reservation on the delivery slip (parcel refused because opened or damaged). In any event, the purchaser must check the state of products received and indicate on the delivery form as hand-written reservations with signature about any irregularity (damage, missing product, damaged parcel, broken products, etc.). Once the slip has been signed, SABARRE SAS considers that the customer has checked the parcel.

Article 7: Cancellation right

7.1 – In accordance with articles L.121-21 and following of the Code de la Consommation (consumption code), the purchaser disposes of a period of fourteen working days from the date his order was received to exert his cancellation right without justification. The purchaser informs the seller of his decision to cancel via email at the address contact@inorope.com or any other ambiguity-free declaration expressing his will to retract stating if he or she would like an exchange or refund. The exchange or refund shall occur without penalty, except for return or shipping fees, which remain charged to the purchaser.
7.2 – The purchaser must return the item or items he or she is not satisfied with within 14 days following the notification to the seller of his decision to cancel. Shipping fees are borne by the purchaser.
7.3 – Only products sent as a whole, in perfect condition and within their original packaging (including accessories and users’ manual) shall be accepted back, sent to the following address:
INOROPE.COM – SABARRE, 1, rue des Senneurs, 29900 CONCARNEAU, France.
Any product that has been damaged, or whose original packaging has been deteriorated shall not be refunded or exchanged.
7.4 – The seller shall refund the purchaser the full payment including shipping fees, without unjustified delay, and at the latest 14 days after the date he was informed of the purchaser’s decision to cancel. The seller can delay the refund until he has retrieved the goods or until the purchaser has provided proof he or she has sent the goods. Refunds shall occur by crediting the bank card used by the purchaser when he or she placed his or her order.
7.5 – In accordance with article L.121-21-8 of the Code de la Consommation (consumption code), the purchaser cannot exert his right to cancel when ordering customized products such as cut to order products (ropes, adhesive tape) or those custom-made (ropes with endings, rope renovation, soft shackles, loops).

Article 8: Product Conformity and Guarantee

8.1 – In the event of product non-conformity, the purchaser must inform the seller by email or mail, and return the items concerned, as a whole, in a new condition and in their original packaging, within 14 working days, to the following address:
INOROPE.COM – SABARRE, 1, rue des Senneurs, 29900 CONCARNEAU, France.
8.2 – Products sold are covered by a commercial guarantee aiming to guarantee their conformity and ensuring the reimbursement of the purchasing price, the replacement or repairs of the goods. It does not cover defaults caused by abnormal or faulty use or resulting from a cause foreign to the products’ intrinsic qualities.
8.3 – The customer benefits from the application of the legal conformity guarantee of article L. 211-4 of the Code de la consummation (consumption code) and the default guarantee of sold items of articles 1641 and following of the civil Code.
8.4 – The purchaser is expressly informed that the seller is not the producer of all the products for sale according to law n°98-389 of 19th May 1998 relative to responsibility for faulty products.

Article 9: Title Retention and Resolutory Clause

9.1 – Products ordered remain SABARRE SAS’ property until the customer has fulfilled his obligations, notably the full payment of the price. Once the transfer of property has been undertaken, risks of products’ loss, theft or deterioration are the responsibility of the purchaser.
9.2 – In the event of a breach from the purchaser of one of his obligations, the sale will be cancelled as of right and without warning. The items must be returned to SABARRE SAS within 48 hours.

Article 10: Nominative information

10.1 – The customer expressly accepts to communicate his or her personal data to SABARRE SAS in order to help us manage orders, deliveries and customer relations as best we can.
In accordance with the law of 6th January 1978, relative to data protection, the customer disposes of an access and rectification right of his personal data. Thus, for an addition or rectification, simply send your new data by email at contact@inorope.com or by mail at the following address:
INOROPE.COM – SABARRE, 1, rue des Senneurs, 29900 CONCARNEAU, FRANCE
SABARRE SAS commits to not communicate your personal data to third parties.
10.2 – Cookies
SABARRE SAS may use cookies (files containing information stored on the customer’s hard drive). Cookies facilitate the customer’s operations on the website. They do not contain confidential information about the customer. However, the latter is free to disable the creation of Cookies. To do so, the customer must set up his browser in order to disable cookies emanating from Ino-Rope.com. The customer can refer to the following links: disable third-party cookies on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. For other browsers, the customer can refer to the browser’s user’s manual.

Article 11: Intellectual Property Right

The SABARRE SAS website and its contents are protected by the legislation in force on copyrights and intellectual property. In accordance with the intellectual property Code, SABARRE SAS grants the customer a site licence, solely for his or her personal use. Any partial or total reproduction of the website or of one of its elements is forbidden (photographs, texts, logos, acronyms, brands, illustrations…). The creation or use of hypertext links towards one or several pages of the website or towards one of its elements is also forbidden.

Article 12: Force Majeure

In the event of partial or total non-performance of its obligations caused by force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, SABARRE SAS shall not be held responsible. According to article 1148 of the civil code, force majeure applies to a context of unpredictability and irresistibility. Expressly, are considered as force majeure cases or unforeseen circumstances, other than those usually acknowledged by the law: blocked means of transport or supplies, strikes, and in particular: transport means strikes, communications or postal services; telecommunication network breakdowns or difficulty related to telecommunication networks external to customers, regulatory restrictions; attacks, storms, floods, fires, lightning, natural disasters…

Article 13: Governing law

These general terms and conditions of sale are subjected to French law, except for Vienna Convention dispositions. This applies to substantive rules and adjectival rules.
In the event of a dispute between parties or a claim, the purchaser shall address the seller to reach an amicable solution first.
Failing that, the purchaser can set up a procedure with the jurisdiction of his choice.

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